May 10, 2014 - Spring Fling

The Oaklyn Fire Department participated in today's Oaklyn PTA Spring Fling. Several pictures from the event have been posted here.

April 25, 2014 - This Day in OFD History

112 years ago today our first meeting was held. In 1895, fire service for what would become the Borough of Oaklyn was provided by the Defender Fire Co. No. 1 of Orston (later Audubon). Several Defender members were from Oaklyn, a section of Haddon Township. Minutes from the Defender Fire Co. No. 1 dated April 22, 1902 note that a motion was made for $43.26 to be drawn in favor of the Oaklyn apparatus fund. That is the first mention of what would become Oaklyn Fire Co. No. 1. On the first page of the beginning minutes book for Oaklyn Fire Co. No. 1, dated April 25, 1902, it is stated that “at a meeting of the Oaklyn branch of Defender Fire Co. No. 1, held at the station (Defender’s fire house), to raise funds to finish Fire Apparatus, also to procure a Charter for a Fire Co. to be known as Oaklyn Fire Co. No. 1, the following Officers were elected for one year.” Officers were elected and it was agreed that membership would be limited to twenty (20). David E. Oakes was elected President and Conrad Bart was elected Chief. The next meeting was to be held at Mr. Oakes’ house on April 30th. At a meeting at Montgomery Hall (present day location of Dunkin Donuts on the White Horse Pike) on June 7, 1902, the name of Oaklyn Fire Co. No. 1 was adopted and the new company officially organized.

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